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I am a 50 yr young disabled woman with many chronic painful physical afflictions & a illness. I am married to a wonderful man with 2 adult children. I grew up in & out of church. One of my Uncles is a recently retired Pastor . I have been saved since 1996. I love serving the Lord & fellow-shipping with my church family,family/friends! I started this blog because I was inspired and encouraged by a couple of friends blogs and felt the Lord prompting me to start a blog page after our Women's Retreat in August 2009 to use the gift of encouragement he has given me to journal what he is doing in my life and to pass on to others articles that encourage me and help me in my walk with the Lord. My prayer is that you will feel the love of Jesus and that you will be inspired and encouraged by my post. I'm just a servant Girl and a Broken Vessel called to be a Heiress of Light for the Lord. The things I post will be from my heart and things that speak to my heart. Sometimes I will just journal about Life,Family etc. My prayer is that my blog will be a source of encouragement to all my friends, family members and followers.

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Sunday, December 29, 2013


{From the Devotional Book : Devotions For Women}
Walking with GOD in the Quiet Places

In all your ways acknowledge him, and
he will make your paths straight.

Do you have the type of home where nothing seems to get done? Where each room would take a bulldozer just to clean up the mess? You rush around all day never completing any one job, or if you do complete a task, there is a little one behind you, pulling and messing everything up again! There isn't one of us who hasn't experienced these feelings.
When I was 20, our baby daughter Jennifer was six months old. We then took in my brother's three children and within a few months I became pregnant. That gave Bob and me five children under five years old. My life was work,work,work- and yet I never seemed to get anywhere. I was running on a treadmill that never stopped and never moved ahead. I was always tired and never seemed to get enough done, let alone get enough sleep. I was fragmented, totally confused, and stressed.
Then one day during my rushed quiet time with the Lord I read 
Proverbs 3:6:"In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight." 
I fell to my knees and prayed "Please, God, direct my path. I acknowledge You to help me, Lord. I want Your power and direction. Lord, I'm tired. I'm on overload with husband, home, children and meals. I have no time left over for me or anyone else. I can't even do any of us justice. Please help me to put it all together and make it work to glorify You and Your children. Amen.
The Lord not only heard my prayer that day, but He honored it as well. I began  a program that changed my life. I committed 15 minutes (at least) per day to my quiet time with the Lord. With baby Brad in hand, I got up earlier each morning. The house was quiet, and my Lord and I talked as I read His Word and prayed. 
Next I committed 15 minutes each day to the organization of our home, concentrating on things I never seemed to get done: the silverware drawer,refrigerator, hall closets, photos, bookshelves, piles of papers. I committed to this for 30 days and the pattern was set. God was directing my path. Our home changed dramatically. The cloud of homemaking stress lifted, and I had a new direction. The Lord redeemed my time with Him. I had more time to plan meals, make new recipes, play with the children, take walks to the park, even catch a nap from time to time.
Looking back now as a grandparent, I can truly understand the meaning of acknowledging Him in all my ways.
It's looking to God for help and comfort in all the ways of our life- our families, home, finances, commitments, and careers. God gives us a promise. "I will direct your paths."

Father God, sometimes I feel my life is truly on overload. There are days I am confused, frustrated, and misdirected. I come to you on my knees, seeking Your undying patience and the hope You so graciously give. I ask for Your direction in my life. Make order out of disorder. Thank You! Amen.


   {Julie Clinton}

 A Life of Influence

In everything set them an example
 by doing what is good.

You will influence other people today. What message will they get from you? Better yet, how will they describe you after today?
Whether we realize it or not, we influence other people's lives. Sometimes we intentionally choose to influence others, but other times we are completely unaware of our impact. 
The influence of both our good and our bad gestures and words is immeasurable. Perhaps God intended it that way to keep us humble. Often, the people we touch don't realize the effect we had until years later. But what matters most is that we are willing to make every day count by investing in the life of another human being. Make a plan to increase your influence in the lives you can realistically touch. Your investment in other people is the only thing that will outlast you.
You are the hands & feet of Christ, and others are influenced in their own walk with Him by watching you live out yours. To live in a way that lifts up Jesus and honors God is a mighty calling, but it's something we must do every day.
What message are you sending to the girl behind the counter at the supermarket? To your children? To your Coworkers? The question isn't whether you are making a difference. That's a given. The question is, what kind of difference are you making? 
Use my life, Lord, as an example of Your love. Use my hands to show your kindness. Use my tongue to speak praise. use my mouth to spread joy & laughter. Let all that I am help others to experience Your love. Amen

{Julie Clinton}

Setting Priorities

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness,
 and all these things will be given to you as well.

What if you were given  $86,400 everyday for the rest of your life? What would you do with it? Let's add one caveat. You have to spend all of it each day! Could you do it? How would you spend it? Tough decision right? Guess what- God gives you 86,400 seconds every day, and you spend every one! Every day! How are you using your time?
Most of us are so harried and desperate just to get through another day that we don't take the time to step back and ask ourselves if what we're doing really matters and if our activities reflect priorities. Often the two are disconnected, though we may be too busy to see it. But the bible says, " For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also" (Matthew 6:21 NIV). 
Do the things you do reflect eternal treasures? Are you seeking His kingdom with the time you've been given? What are you pouring your heart into? Take a personal inventory. Find out where you're investing your time,and whether the expenditure reflects your priorities. Be sure to spend your time wisely. You never get it back!

Dear Lord, You have given me every minute of the day as a precious gift. Help me to use my time wisely on the things that are most important to You and to me. Let me see clearly what You want me to do with my time, and give me the courage to say no to those things that just clutter my day. Amen.

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The Crown that I wear does not tarnish;
It's not made of worldly ores. I don't need to polish and store it in a vault or behind metal doors. The Crown is a gift from my Father whose Son died so that I could be free. What a honor it is just to wear it, For His last thoughts on Earth were of me. The Crown has speacial meaning; It's not about worldly success. It stands for the Love of My Lord and Saviour,Which I wear every day like a Princess.