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I am a 50 yr young disabled woman with many chronic painful physical afflictions & a illness. I am married to a wonderful man with 2 adult children. I grew up in & out of church. One of my Uncles is a recently retired Pastor . I have been saved since 1996. I love serving the Lord & fellow-shipping with my church family,family/friends! I started this blog because I was inspired and encouraged by a couple of friends blogs and felt the Lord prompting me to start a blog page after our Women's Retreat in August 2009 to use the gift of encouragement he has given me to journal what he is doing in my life and to pass on to others articles that encourage me and help me in my walk with the Lord. My prayer is that you will feel the love of Jesus and that you will be inspired and encouraged by my post. I'm just a servant Girl and a Broken Vessel called to be a Heiress of Light for the Lord. The things I post will be from my heart and things that speak to my heart. Sometimes I will just journal about Life,Family etc. My prayer is that my blog will be a source of encouragement to all my friends, family members and followers.

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Saturday, November 16, 2013


I'm thankful for: I'm sooooo thankful & grateful that our son Josh survived this car accident on 3-25-13 when his car went off the top level of a 3 tier spaghetti bowl freeway & that he is alive today!! I'm thankful that he not only survived but that he is not paralyzed from head to toe, nor suffered any brain damage or any limbs severed or internal damage to his organs. He did suffer a fractured neck & had to have surgery on his right ankle as it was shattered.Our son has made a miraculous recovery & I know that God is the one who saved his life by catching his car & cradling it into His arms & holding Josh while help was on the way to get him out & is responsible for his speedy recovery. He was back to work I believe within 3 to 4 mos of the accident neck brace crutches & all. I'm sooo proud of our son for hanging in there during his recovery time on those dark days & nights when depression & oppression tried to attack him. I'm also sooo thankful to his amazing GF Allison & her mother that were his caregivers & to all his friends & room mates who have watched over him & helped him during his recovery as Josh lives in California & we couldn't be there daily. & I'm thnakful to all our family & friends & Josh's that have all prayed for him. Words can't begin to even express our gratefulness to each & everyone of you!!! !!!! XO!! The bottom center pic in this collage I made is our beloved son & his Gf Allison taken this past August 2013 around the 17th when they drove here to Bullhead to visit with us just 5 mos after Josh's accident. AND I KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT 100% THAT THIS KIND OF MIRACLE ONLY COMES BY THE HAND OF GOD!!! So I'm most thankful to the Lord for hearing our prayers spoken & the ones we didn't know how to speak then. When I look at these pics, they inspire me, encourage me to never give up to keep persevering & reminds me that all things are possible with God. Because of this accident we have become even closer as a family. This year has been a rough year for Me & my family, we have been hit hard regarding our health, we lost loved ones & close friends young & older as did our kids right before this accident occurred & I will never know all the answers or why God allows certain things or seems to our flesh to only answer some prayers for some people but I do know & believe that he always does what is best for everybody even though we don't understand it with our human minds or it seems unfair or hurts deeply. I don't always understand His will but I know he won't give us more than we can handle even though we may not agree with Him as I HAVE LIVED THROUGH MANY SITUATIONS THAT I thought I would die or just couldn't possibly deal with the situation when my faith was just as big as a mustard seed & I see now that even before I had a strong faith in the Lord as I reflect on many miracles he has personally done for me & that I have witnessed with my own eyes I can't deny him or turn my back on him cuz I feel his presence so strong so I know He is with me & through the storms of life I do not walk alone. (Psalm 50:15: Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I shall rescue you, and you will honor Me)


The Crown that I wear does not tarnish;
It's not made of worldly ores. I don't need to polish and store it in a vault or behind metal doors. The Crown is a gift from my Father whose Son died so that I could be free. What a honor it is just to wear it, For His last thoughts on Earth were of me. The Crown has speacial meaning; It's not about worldly success. It stands for the Love of My Lord and Saviour,Which I wear every day like a Princess.