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Monday, November 15, 2010

Chaos Is My Calling

Today I am posting three blogs from bloggers I follow that blessed, encouraged,ministered and spoke to my heart this morning. The first two blogs go out to all my friends and family who have children. Those of you who have more than one child, I just want to say you are my heroes and I posted these blogs especially for you. My prayer is that you will be blessed and encouraged today. <3

Chaos Is My Calling

It really is.
For example, when it’s the Holiday Season. Because that means extra shopping trips with my whole crew. And when I say shopping, I mean throwing things in the cart at random while trying to tame my many small children.

With small children, and in our case, 5 under 6, my #1 goal in any store, is to just survive. I’ve got 1 hanging on the end of the cart, 1 crying, 1 strapped to me in a carrier asleep, and 2 fighting over a Veggie Tales DVD that we already have at home. I can’t make this stuff up. I’m checking my list, and I’m begging them to behave. After all, we are in public.
As I’m scanning down my list, I’m asking myself, “what can we do without?” My shopping partners have had enough, and they are making it known. It’s time to make an exit. I’m asking God for patience, or a magic button to press that will send grandma to the rescue. You’ve been there right??
I announce that we are leaving, and to my surprise, they are equally as upset about leaving as they are about being there in the first place. Strange, aren’t they? I tried to appease them by opening an unpurchased bag of goldfish, but they weren’t interested. I had no more tricks up my sleeve, so we are check out bound.
I quickly unloaded our items and tried to talk the girls into not touching everything on the check out display shelves. I loaded my bags in the cart, apologized to the check out lady for the chaos that is our life, and started to usher the girls towards the door.
On our way out we passed a mirror, a two way mirror. You know the ones that look like a mirror, but it’s actually a window for the office on the other side? Well the girls had to stop and check it out – they get such a kick out of making funny faces. I tried to explain, “girls, there are people on the other side who can see you acting silly. They are watching you giggle and make those faces.”
But they didn’t care. They’re never afraid of what other people think. A trait that I admire, and need.
As I stood there and watched them laugh, I felt so blessed. The innocence of a child is so refreshing. All of the sudden I felt bad for apologizing for my kids. After all, they were just being kids. They are a blessing, and a true picture of God’s Grace in my life. At that moment I couldn’t even remember what was frustrating about our shopping trip, or who was fighting over what, or what display was now face down in aisle 9. All I could think was, “I love these little ladies, and I am so thankful that the Lord picked me to be their mama. I’ll take the chaos over anything, any day.”
It’s easy for us mom’s to get stressed out when things get a little crazy. But you know what I keep reminding myself? God made me their mother, I’m doing the best I can, and He will equip me with as much patience & love as I need. That is more than I could ever ask for, actually.
So here’s hoping that you find love, patience, and joy in Him today, at a time when utensils are flying across the table, and you have applesauce in your hair – not that that ever happens to me.
He’s there for you when you need to vent, mama.
by Kate, Savvy Little Women

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